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iPhone 7 parts leak online

iPhone 7 parts leak online

Components for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 leaked online for the first time today and appear to show plans to tweak the best-selling phone's internal construction.

Taiwanese sites have published snaps of the backlight assembly for the iPhone 7, which reveal that the 3D Touch chip and flex cables are in different positions to previous models.

While the revelations aren’t incendiary, they do mark the first time that we have seen internal components of the heavily rumoured device.

They also come from a source with a solid record of revealing Apple’s plans for its future products, so there's every reason to trust what we're seeing.

The fact that parts are leaking this early in 2016 suggests that it will be a long year of rumours and gossip around the iPhone 7.

It’s already been suggested that Apple will ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and will instead rely on the device’s Lightning connector.

It’s also thought that it will make the phone fully waterproof, as well as offering a much–improved camera and complete design overhaul.


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