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iPhone 7 Plus: Dual camera in the works

iPhone 7 Plus: Dual camera in the works

Apple is preparing a new camera design for the forthcoming iPhone 7, aimed at delivering much improved images and bringing an end to the opinion-dividing protruding lens seen on recent models.

According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus (the larger, phablet-sized edition of the iPhone 7) could feature a dual–lens system. Kuo believes this could lead to Apple offering an iPhone that's capable of so–called 'DSLR quality images'.

In April last year Apple bought LinX Imaging, an Israeli start-up specialising in dual–lens camera technology. It appears it is that company’s tech which could find its way into the iPhone 7 Plus.

The technology uses two lenses to deliver much sharper detail, less 'noisy' shots and much better low-light performance compared with other current-generation smartphone cameras.

Most excitingly, a 3D mapping tool developed by LinX could allow the iPhone 7 Plus to work out the depth of images, leading to much better refocusing.

It could also mean the iPhone 7 may offer the chance to refocus images after they’ve been taken, something that Nokia offered on its Lumia phones some years ago.

The iPhone 7 Plus is likely to launch in autumn, alongside the iPhone 7.

It’s this kind of feature that Apple will need to ensure steady sales to row back on a predicted decline in iPhone sales during 2016.



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