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iPhone 7 design: Insider reveals plans

iPhone 7 design: Insider reveals plans

Apple’s iPhone 7 will feature a streamlined design that will dispense with the quirks that left some users grumbling about the current range of Jonathan Ive–designed handsets.

According to a source speaking with MacRumors, Apple will ditch the protruding camera lens found on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Instead, the lens will sit flush within the rear of the phone.

While this rumour had been mooted, this is the first time sources have outwardly revealed Apple’s plans.

Elsewhere, Apple is apparently plotting to get rid of the plastic antenna bands which run across the top and bottom of its smartphone. This is intended to give the iPhone 7 a slicker look.

Interestingly, the source reckons that Apple won’t actually change the design of the iPhone 7 too much compared with its predecessors.

While that is in keeping with rivals such as Samsung and HTC, Apple’s failure to tweak the design would likely impact both on the device’s critical reception and, potentially, its wider sales. 2016 is not an ‘S’ year and a design overhaul is widely expected.

Last month, Apple revealed that it expected year–on–year declines in iPhone sales between January and March. That would mark the first time iPhone sales have dropped since the original model launched in 2007.

The iPhone 7 is expected to launch in autumn



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