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  5. LG G5 ‘transforming smartphone’ unveiled at MWC

LG G5 ‘transforming smartphone’ unveiled at MWC

LG's add-ons take modular phones into the mainstream.
lg g5 mwc 101

LG lifted the lid on its G5 flagship smartphone today, with a 'transformable' design that allows users to turn it into a Hi-Fi or high-end audio player.

The phone, which takes modular design mainstream, is being sold alongside a family of compatible devices dubbed LG Playground that allow users to customise their handset’s spec sheet.

lg g5 mwc 102

The LG Cam Plus, for instance, allows you to ‘transform’ it into a luxe standalone camera with a camera module. This includes physical buttons for power, shutter, record, zoom, LED indicator, as well as an exposure lock and extra battery capacity of 1,200mAh.

Users can also boost the phone's music credentials with Bang & Olufsen speakers, via the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY add-on.

All LG Family accessories are attached by the user to the bottom of the phone's aluminum unibody design.

lg g5 modular

That's also where you'll find the removable battery, allowing users to swap for a new one if they're running low.

Elsewhere, it’s home to an always-on 5.3-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum display, which displays time and date at all times. Even when the G5 is in sleep mode.

Debuted on the LG V10, this always-on mode only takes up a third of the screen and LG claims it takes up just 0.8% of the battery every hour.

The G5, which comes in silver, gold, pink and titan (dark grey to you and me) colour options, also features dual cameras on the rear. These are a standard angle 16MP lens, and a 135-degree wide angle lens for panoramic shots.

To keep the phone ticking over there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, alongside expandable storage via a microSD card slot and support for USB type C for super-fast charging and data transfers.

EE has confirmed it will be selling the phone from March 17th, with an 'exclusive pre-order offer' to be announced nearer the time.

O2 has also confirmed it is on board, but has so far only confirmed it'll be on sale in the 'coming months'. It did say it'll be on Refresh tariffs, though.

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