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How to fix the broken Safari link bug in iOS 9.3

How to fix the broken Safari link bug in iOS 9.3

iOS 9.3 has another bug. Shortly after Apple issued an update to address existing problems in its latest mobile operating system, it's having to send out another fix.

The problem is broken links. Users are complaining that opening links is causing essential apps like the web browser Safari, Mail, Chrome and Notes to crash.

It's thought's app is the main culprit. It apparently has so many links on Apple's Universal Links database – which lets developers open web links in-app instead of in Safari – that iOS can't handle link requests. Others believe the problem lies within the iOS 9.3 code itself.

Whatever the case, there are a couple of workarounds. They're not that simple, and require a bit of tinkering. But if you can't wait for Apple to fix the problem, follow these steps to get your device working again.

According to some people affected, disabling a program called JavaScript will stop the issue within Safari. To do this, go to Settings>Safari>Advanced and turn JavaScript off using the toggle.

That should do it for your web browser. But it won't necessarily solve the issue in other apps like Messages, Mail and Notes.

To do that, you'll have to connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and launch iTunes. Enable Airplane Mode on your device and uninstall the app (if you have it installed). Go to Settings>Safari and change your Default Search Engine to Bing.

Still with us? Good.

Disable Search Engine Suggestions, Safari Suggestions, Quick Website Search, Block Pop-Ups and Fraudulent Website Warning. Disable any installed Content Blockers from the Safari menu, then go to Safari>Advanced and disable Javascript (just as above).

With your iPhone still connected to your computer and still in Airplane Mode, turn the device off and then on again. When it's started back up, find the app in iTunes and install it on your device. Sync your phone to iTunes.

Next, run the app with Airplane Mode still enabled. Don't give it access to your GPS or notifications. When it's started up, double-tap the home button and take the app off the multi-tasking screen.

Uninstall it, turn Airplane Mode off and re-enable everything you disabled in your Safari settings.

Hey presto, your phone should work good as new.

As we say, Apple should release an update to fix the issue in the next day or so. In the meantime, let us know how you get on in the comments.

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