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  5. iOS 9.3 woes continue as Apple promises another fix

iOS 9.3 woes continue as Apple promises another fix

iOS 9.3 woes continue as Apple promises another fix

Apple is scrambling to fix yet another glitch with its iOS 9.3 operating system, a day after it had to issue a new update to address problems experienced by users of older iPhones and iPads.

The latest problem has the potential to affect far more devices, with users complaining that opening links is causing essential apps such as Safari, Mail, Chrome and Notes to crash.

It’s believed the issue is related to Apple’s Universal Links system, which allows developers to open web links in–app, without having to open them in Safari first.

This feature was introduced with iOS 9 and has worked well until now, although it seems some developers have taken advantage and ended up causing damage to Apple’s platform.

Word is that’s app is key to this latest farrago. It has so many links on the Universal Links database that iOS simply cannot handle link requests. This causes the app from which a link is opened to crash.

However, some iOS developers believe that blame for the problem lies within the code for iOS 9.3 rather than at the feet of

Either way, Apple has confirmed that it is aware of the issue and will release an update ‘soon’.

But once again, the company is facing up to the launch of its latest software going awry, despite a much–touted public beta programme and developers poring over early code in order to fix any bugs.

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