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iOS hit by new malware attack

iOS hit by new malware attack

iPhone users have been hit by another iOS malware attack, with Chinese handset-owners once again the target of a malicious bug aimed at compromising user security.

AceDeceiver is a particularly smart piece of software which uses a so–called ‘man in the middle attack’ to install infected apps on iPhones.

The bug works via software management tools for iOS and affects only those who use their phone with PCs. Users who install such software, including a tool called Aisi Helper, are the only ones to be hit so far.

Aisi Helper is supposed to make it easy to clean up apps and devices, but instead allows hackers to access legitimate app authorisation codes to install their own malicious add–ons.

The scam exploits problems with Apple’s FairPlay digital rights management tech, which is meant to stop pirated apps landing on iPhones.

Worryingly, despite deleting dodgy apps, Apple cannot simply stop AceDeceiver as it can simply keep using stolen app authorisations to bypass security.

Last October Apple had to deal with a bug which saw malware introduced to iOS via third-party app stores.

In order to prevent AceDeceiver from infecting further iPhones, users have been told to stop using third-party apps and only rely on official software from Apple.


Palo Alto Networks

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