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iPhone 7s: fresh rumours back up plans for glass design

Analyst believes Apple working on new look for 2017.
iphone 6s hero image

Apple will completely redesign its iPhone range in 2017, rumours suggest, and will ditch aluminium for an all-glass construction.

That’s according to a report from unerringly accurate analyst Ming Chi Kuo, reiterating previous claims he has made about Apple’s plans for its tentatively titled iPhone 7s.

Kuo’s report appears to back up the growing belief that Apple will only offer minor design changes with this year’s iPhone 7, due out in the autumn.

Instead, it seems that the Cupertino company is pouring its efforts into releasing a cutting-edge device next year.

As well as using a glass design, something last seen on the iPhone 4s, Tim Cook and co are also thought to be plotting the inclusion of a brighter OLED screen.

The latter is likely to offset the increased weight of glass compared with aluminium.

The news Apple is willing to hold on for another year to get the look and feel of its flagship phone right is surprising at a time when rival phone-makers are coming to market with ever-improving designs.

This will be the first time it has not followed a so-called ‘tick, tock’ approach to updates, where Apple's ‘s’-branded phones offer improved specifications but feature designs unchanged from the previous year's model.



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