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  5. Samsung set to launch bendable smartphones in 2017

Samsung set to launch bendable smartphones in 2017

samsung galaxy s7 angled

Samsung looks set to up the stakes in its battle with Apple for smartphone supremacy , with the news that it plans to launch two smartphones with bendable screens as soon as early 2017.

Details of the devices, codenamed Project Valley, were revealed to business news site Bloomberg by anonymous sources.

One will be the same size as a compact mirror and act like a traditional flip phone. The other will feature a 5–inch screen when used as smartphone, but with the ability to fold out into an 8–inch tablet.

Samsung has been trialling folding screen technology for years and once promised it would be ready for market by 2017.

However, many tech analysts believed this meant the tech would only appear in prototypes, not in commercially available products.

Bloomberg's inside sources said that Samsung was likely to reveal both handsets at next year’s Mobile World Congress event, held in February in Barcelona.

If true, that would give the Android phone-maker a huge edge on Apple, which is thought to priming a curved screen handset to rival Samsung’s current Galaxy S7 Edge.

That device is not due until September 2017 at the earliest.

It’s unclear how the user interface would work on a bendable smartphone. But with the market saturated with identikit smartphones, it’s likely it would sell well regardless.

Samsung refused to comment on the report.



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