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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be unlocked using eye scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be unlocked using eye scanner

Samsung looking to take security to next level.

Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Note 7 could come with the ability to unlock the device using iris scanning technology, it has emerged.

The news comes from renowned tech-watcher Evan Blass, who has revealed a slew of details about Samsung’s brand new smartphone, which is due to be revealed at a special event on August 2nd.

As well as eye scanning security, the Galaxy Note 7 is said to come with a 5.7–inch Quad HD screen, 64GB storage and a microSD slot for expanding capacity if needed.

However, Samsung’s plans for a brighter 4K screen are likely to be held back until the launch of its Galaxy S8 next year.

Samsung has previous form when it comes to eyeball scanning technology. The Galaxy S4 allowed users to scroll on its screen using eye movement, although the technology was widely derided for being clunky and hard to use.

However, iris scanning is already widely used in secure environments and is likely to prove popular with users.

The proliferation of fingerprint scanners has boosted smartphone security but by making such an addition to the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung would be giving itself an edge over Apple’s iPhone range.



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