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iPhone 7: fully assembled model gives us best look yet

Is this how the new iPhone will look?
iphone 7 assembled

A fully assembled iPhone 7 has appeared on Chinese social media, giving us the clearest indication yet of how Apple’s next generation smartphone will look.

Until now, we’ve only had a glimpse of separate components to go on, as well as leaked blueprints.

This latest leak, while not a fully working model, shows the iPhone 7's rear chassis with the much-rumoured larger camera component and a tweaked design, which does away with the antenna lines of the iPhone 6s.

Look closely at the bottom of the handset and you’ll also notice that the 3.5mm headphone jack is missing.

This tallies with a string of reports which have claimed that Apple will force users to connect their headphones via the handset’s Lightning charging port.

New schematic drawings, which is really just a fancy phrase for design blueprints, have also shed fresh light on the iPhone 7’s exact dimensions.

Assuming they're correct, they suggest the phone will be slightly thicker, at 7.15mm rather than 7.1mm. It’s also set to be a touch shorter and narrower.

The changes are likely to go unnoticed, with the overall look remaining the same as last year’s iPhone.

Apple has been tempering expectations surrounding the iPhone 7, with well placed sources saying that the handset will be broadly similar to the iPhone 6s.

A fully overhauled model will instead be released in 2017, to mark the iPhone’s tenth anniversary.


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