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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could come with Android Nougat

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could come with Android Nougat

Samsung smartphone could be first to get latest Google software.
galaxy note 7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 could be the first smartphone to launch with Google’s new Android Nougat operating system. That’s according to leaked test data that shows the device running the cutting-edge software.

Benchmark tests, which measure phones' performance and speediness, seen by keen mobile industry-watchers contain evidence of a handset with the same codename as the Galaxy Note 7 using Android Nougat.

While this could be a case of Samsung loading up an early model of the phone with a trial beta version of Google’s OS, that seems unlikely.

Google launched an early version of Android Nougat for beta testers and developers in spring and recently revealed the platform’s official name after initially calling it Android N.

In recent years, Google’s own Nexus devices have been the first to come with the newest version of Android.

However, the search giant is making concerted moves to get its biggest partner manufacturers to use the latest software.

With the Galaxy Note 7 set to launch on August 2nd and Android Nougat primed for a wider autumn release, offering the software out of the box makes sense and fits neatly with Google’s strategy to take the fight to Apple's iOS software.


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