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Apple Music for Android: Fully fledged version released

App no longer in beta testing.
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Apple Music for Android is no longer in beta testing, after the tech giant released a full version of its music streaming app on Google Play today.

Users are unlikely to notice any major changes, although Apple says it has fixed a number of glitches and bugs, as well as adding equaliser settings. The lack of the latter had caused consternation among music fans.

It comes ten months after the service officially landed on Android, marking Apple’s first major foray into making apps for its deadly rival’s platform.

Since then the app has added specific features such as a dedicated homescreen widget and the ability to offline music onto microSD cards rather than internal storage.

Apple Music has received a major overhaul, which is due to be released as part of iOS 10 next month.

There’s no word on whether that new, Apple-specific version will be coming to Android any time soon.


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