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Apple priming another iPad Pro model

ipad pro 9.7 inch

Apple is working on a new edition of the iPad Pro, with a revamped 10.5–inch model set to launch in 2017.

That’s according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who first broke news of Apple’s plans for a 12.9–inch iPad over two years ago.

The news has sparked speculation that the smaller iPad mini could be phased out, with the company’s 5.5–inch iPhone 7 Plus taking up the slack when it comes to smaller tablets.

The iPhone 6s Plus is already thought to have cannibalised sales of the iPad mini.

If a new iPad Pro does come to pass, it will be Apple’s latest attempt to boost its ailing tablet brand.

iPad sales have slipped consistently for two years, as consumers choose not to upgrade their existing tablets or stick with their smartphones instead.

Kuo says that a 10.5–inch iPad could be a stepping stone to an overhauled Apple tablet range in 2018, featuring OLED screen tech.

The latter is expected to be a headline feature in 2017’s tenth anniversary iPhone.

There’s no word on exactly when any new iPad Pro will launch.



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