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Apple Watch 2 launching later this year, claims analyst

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Apple will launch a new version of the Apple Watch later this year, replete with a string of new features designed to entice those who didn’t shell out for its wearable the first time round.

That’s according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, a man known for getting his predictions about Apple bang on the money.

His sources, he says, told him that the Apple Watch 2 will feature improved battery life, a faster processor, much better waterproofing smarts, as well as GPS.

That said, there are apparently no plans to offer 4G as part of the package, meaning users will still be reliant on a connected iPhone for key parts of the watch’s functionality.

Apple will also offer new versions of its original Apple Watch, says Kuo, most likely at a lower price. This is in line with its strategy for the iPhone and iPad ranges.

There’s no word on whether Apple will launch its new watch at the same time as the iPhone 7 in September, or if it will hold a separate event.



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