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  5. Google launches In Apps search tool for Android

Google launches In Apps search tool for Android

google in apps

Google has launched a tool which allows users to search for key information within apps without having to go online.

Called In Apps, it’s available now in beta form within the Google Android app. You can use the search bar to dig out messages, contacts, songs and notes in one place, rather than having to delve into separate apps to find the information you need.

For now, it only works with Gmail, YouTube and Spotify. But Google has promised to roll out the service to big hitters such as Evernote, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Glide and Todoist soon.

The decision to make In Apps search a user’s device rather than trawl their data online will likely please those concerned with how much Google knows about what is on its customers handsets.

“Only you can see your personal results, and you can control what apps appear by going to Settings within the Google app,” said Google in an official statement.

Google says that In Apps will be available via a dedicated shortcut key on LG’s new V20 smartphone, pointing towards it becoming a key feature on Android in the near future.



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