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  5. Google Maps now helps you find city hot spots

Google Maps now helps you find city hot spots


A new update to Google Maps allows users to see the best places in a town or city for everything from nightlife to shopping to eating, by highlighting key areas orange.

The tweak means that when you arrive in a new city and fire up your Google Maps app, you can see the best places to head to at a glance. No more getting lost in dodgy neighbourhoods or getting confused about where you can grab a beer.

‘We determine “areas of interest” with an algorithmic process that allows us to highlight the areas with the highest concentration of restaurants, bars and shops,’ said Google in a blog post.

‘In high-density areas like NYC, we use a human touch to make sure we’re showing the most active areas.’

The change is likely to further cement Google Maps as a key took for travellers and leave guide book publishers once again looking over their shoulder at the growing prowess of mapping apps.

The update is available now on Google Maps for iOS and Android.

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