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  5. iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods seen in new video

iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods seen in new video


The continuing saga of Apple’s iPhone 7 headphones has taken a new twist, after a video surfaced that shows a pair of Lightning–connected headphones plugging into the company’s smartphone.

Apple is set to ditch the standard-issue 3.5mm headphone jack on its upcoming iPhone 7, sparking debate as to whether it would include a pair of Lightning headphones in the box or whether the phone would ship a special adaptor instead.

This latest clip of the headphones suggests the answer is the former.

However, rumours now suggest that it will offer an adaptor as well, giving users the option to use older earphones as well.

The latter makes sense, especially as Apple is likely to alienate many users by stripping support for a port which is used universally across smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The iPhone 7 is expected to go on sale on September 9th.



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