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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will protect you from nuisance calls

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will protect you from nuisance calls

Gets the same protection as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Samsung's just-unveiled Galaxy Note 7 offers the same protection from nuisance calls as the Galaxy S7. Hiya, formerly part of security firm Whitepages, has confirmed it will bring its industry-leading caller identification and spam detection service to the Note 7.

That means you'll be able to identify who's calling you even if the number isn't stored in your contacts.

Hiya's database includes more than 600 million active mobile and landline phone numbers in the US alone, and more than 1.5 billion unique numbers globally.

It'll flag up what it reckons is a spam call, and let users easily report it as such using a spam button.

On top of that, the Nearby Business Search function lets users search for businesses in the vicinity by just typing the name into the Note 7's native dialler.

They'll then be presented with the details as if they were stored in the phone all along.

Hiya also announced the service will expand to 12 additional countries, bringing the total number of countries where it's available to 28.

The issue of spam calls is particularly relevant to the UK. According to Hiya, the UK tops its list of countries where so-called 'robocalls' are a problem.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, PPI calls were the worst offender. Sure we can all attest to that.

In April, the Robocop Act was introduced in the US, which required all phone companies to offer their customers free robocall-blocking software to stop nuisance calls.

Around the same time, the UK government announced plans to make direct marketing companies in the UK display their phone numbers when making unsolicited calls.

Still, Hiya's presence on the Note 7 is another line of defence for those of us wanting to avoid cold callers.

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