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giffgaff cuts iPhone SE price

iPhone SE hero

giffgaff has trimmed the price of the iPhone SE, in the wake of the launch of the shiny, new iPhone 7.

The pocket-friendly iPhone SE 16GB is now on sale for £319, plus the cost of the giffgaff goodybag price plan you choose. These start at £10 per month.

That’s a reduction of £20 from giffgaff’s previous price. If you were to buy the same phone and model direct from Apple, you’d be looking at outlay of £379.

iPhone SE official

The 64GB model has had a haircut too. It’s now priced £399 (plus the cost of the monthly plan you sign up to). That’s a shade over £30 down from the previous giffgaff price of £438.

Apple is currently selling the phone in its 64GB edition for £429.

Head to our review to see what we made of the SE and get a complete rundown of its features: iPhone SE review.

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