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  5. iOS 10 already on more than a third of iPhones

iOS 10 already on more than a third of iPhones

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iOS 10 has been installed on over one-third of compatible iPhones and iPads, just a week after it was officially released.

34% of Apple gadgets that support the new software are now running iOS 10, according to analytics firm Mixpanel. Apple has yet to release its official breakdown, but is likely to in the coming weeks.

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The installation rate represents good news for Apple, especially after initial reports suggested that iOS 10 was rendering some devices unusable.

It took last year’s iOS 9 operating system just two weeks to reach 50% of iPhones and iPads, meaning iOS 10 looks set to outstrip its predecessor. Early wariness from consumers appears to be fading.

But it's not all rosy in Apple's garden. The iPhone 7 has already hit some teething problems, with reports that its wired headphones do not work properly.

Users have complained that the volume controls fail after extended use, meaning they cannot activate Siri or answer calls using their headphones. Apple says a fix is in the works.

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