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  5. iPhone 7 32GB model confirmed in latest leak

iPhone 7 32GB model confirmed in latest leak

iphone 32gb

Leaked documents have all but confirmed that the entry-level edition of the iPhone 7 will feature 32GB of storage. That's double the capacity of the current-generation entry-level iPhone 6s.

A series of rumours over the summer have pointed towards Apple launching 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models of its new iPhone, in a tacit admission that 16GB is no longer enough for even casual smartphone users.

Apple ditched the 32GB iPhone in 2014, instead offering 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models. At the time, this caused consternation among consumers who did not want to a pay a hefty premium for more storage space.

However, the advent of 4K video recording and Live Photos, not to mention ever-larger apps and games, means the landscape is much changed and 16GB of capacity is now regarded as impractically restrictive.

The decision to boost capacity is likely to please consumers and could give the iPhone 7 a sales boost.

The 2017 Apple phone is set to be largely the same as last year’s iPhone 6s, although Apple is due to ditch the headphone slot and offer EarPods that connect via the Lightning charging port.



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