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  5. iPhone 7 explodes in transit to new owner

iPhone 7 explodes in transit to new owner


An iPhone 7 has exploded while in transit, with the owner of the affected device posting a string of images of the unusable phone on Reddit.

The handset arrived with a series of severe dents and appears to have been on fire, too. Scorch marks can be seen across the back of the iPhone.

Reddit user kroopthesnoop said that the phone was broken when it arrived and that it had not exploded while he was using it.

That suggests that the problem is a one off, rather than indicative of a wider problem with iPhone 7 batteries. That will be a relief to Apple, especially as its key rival Samsung is in the midst of a global recall of its new Galaxy Note 7 after a number of units blew up while charging.

Apple has yet to comment on the pictures, although the user is likely to be entitled to a new device from the his network, AT&T.

Tim Cook and co are not releasing overall sales figures for its latest iPhones, although research suggests numbers are down by as much as 25% compared with 2015.

Source Reddit

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