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  5. iPhone 7’s home button needs skin contact to work

iPhone 7’s home button needs skin contact to work


The home button on Apple’s new iPhone 7 requires skin contact to work, it has emerged. That means users won’t be able to quickly fire up the new handset while wearing gloves during the winter.

Because the home button is no longer a physical key but rather part of the iPhone itself, it uses haptic feedback to work.

It appears that specially designed capacitive gloves do not let users wake up their phone via the home button.

The change shouldn’t cause major problems when quickly scanning notifications or checking the time, thanks to Apple’s new raise–to–wake feature. This addition to the iPhone 7 means it instantly springs into life when you lift it up.

However, it’s another small tweak that could cause many to think twice about buying this year's model.

Apple has already faced criticism over its decision to remove the headphone slot from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It's likely to face similar consternation from consumers about changes to the home button too.

The company has confirmed that it will not reveal how many iPhones it sold over its opening weekend, claiming it’s no longer a metric that customers or investors require.

The move, though, is being widely interpreted as an acknowledgement that sales of the iPhone 7 will be much lower than previous models.



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