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  5. Tech sector's best connected analyst tells us what to expect from iPhone 7

Tech sector's best connected analyst tells us what to expect from iPhone 7

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With just two days away from the iPhone 7 launch, one of the best connected tech industry analysts has thrown his hat into the ring with some predictions of what we'll see.

KGI Securities' Ming-chi Kuo's track record with predictions is exemplary. So when he makes a pronouncement the rest of the tech world listens. Here's what he has to say about the next iPhone.

It'll come in five different colours. The existing rose gold, gold and silver models will be joined by dark black (in the place of space grey) and piano black (which will have a glossy finish).

The piano black colourway is expected to be the most sought-after, with Apple possibly limiting it to higher storage tiers initially.

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The iPhone 7 will come with more storage. The 16GB model will be dropped in favour of a 32GB model, while 128GB and 256GB options will also be available.

This extra space should spell an end to those frustrating 'not enough storage' messages that pop up when you try to take a photo.

The iPhone 7 Plus – the bigger of the two phones – will have more RAM.

It will be upped to 3GB, while the standard iPhone 7 will stay at 2GB. This extra RAM should help it run faster, and make games and video play more smoothly.

He also had something to say on the iPhone 7 Pro's dual-lens camera. This will apparently consist of a wide-angle snapper and a telephoto one, both of which will have 12-megapixel sensors.

The system will boast optical zoom functionality, as well as 'light field camera applications', which could possibly let you change the point of focus after you've taken the picture.

So what else? The new handset will be waterproof, won't have a headphone jack, and its processor will be cranked up higher than its predecessor.

The screen will show a wider range of colours, the camera will have four LED flashes, and the earpiece will double as a speaker to give stereo sound.

The proximity sensor will also use laser technology, for the first time.

We've heard most if not all of these rumours before, but to have them repeated by such a well-respected source certainly adds fuel to the fire. Wednesday night can't come soon enough.


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