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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back on sale

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has gone back on sale in the US, two weeks after the Korean tech giant was forced into a global recall over problems with exploding batteries.

According to reports, all major US networks are now stocking the device again.

Samsung began its exchange programme earlier this week, offering consumers who had already bought a Galaxy Note 7 the chance to swap it for a new one.

Samsung says that it’s already given out 500,000 units to those affected, although reports suggest that only a quarter of people who bought a Galaxy Note 7 have exchanged their faulty models for new ones.

UK networks have yet to give official word on when they’ll be restocking the phone, although it appears that Samsung is forging ahead with plans to get its flagship phone back out there as soon as possible.


The Verge

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