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  5. Samsung will limit Note 7 battery capacity to prevent overheating

Samsung will limit Note 7 battery capacity to prevent overheating

Note 7 rotated hero

Samsung is to limit the battery capacity of Galaxy Note 7 handsets in circulation in order to stop them overheating.

The phone-maker is currently gearing up for an exchange programme that lets customers swap their faulty Note 7s for ones that won't explode.

Limiting the battery capacity isn't an ideal solution, as it gives the user less battery life. But it's a temporary fix until Samsung has recalled all the faulty handsets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire 2

The software update will go live on September 19th, the same day that the exchange programme starts in the UK.

Once updated, the Note 7 won't charge beyond 60 per cent, which should reduce the chance of the battery overheating.

"It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologise for causing inconvenience," reads a Samsung notice in a South Korean newspaper.

The incident has proved embarrassing for Samsung. The firm has recalled some 2.5 million devices so far, and had $26 billion wiped off its stock price as a result.

There have been numerous reports of Note 7 phones overheating, with some bursting into flames. We didn't have any problems with our review unit, but it seems we were one of the lucky ones.



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