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  5. Facebook Messenger Lite for Android unveiled

Facebook Messenger Lite for Android unveiled


Facebook has revealed a new version of its Messenger app for Android, aimed at users in emerging markets.

Facebook Messenger Lite is designed to work where mobile networks are not as powerful as in developed countries and on devices which do not use the latest Android software.

In a post announcing the app, Facebook’s David Marcus said the app was meant to be used on phones made between 2009 and 2011.

And while it’s only out in Kenya, Venezuela, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia, there are plans to offer it globally.

That means if you have a much older phone, or don’t want a fully fledged version of the app, you should be able to get it soon.

Facebook has not said what it’s taken out of Messenger, although it’s expected to have stripped away features such as online payments and the ability to send photos all not be part of the new app.

There are currently no plans for an iOS version.



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