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  5. Galaxy Note 7 return kit includes safety gloves and insulated box

Galaxy Note 7 return kit includes safety gloves and insulated box


Samsung has started sending out special return kits to Galaxy Note 7 owners, replete with a ‘shield bag’, three boxes and even a pair of protective gloves.

The kit also comes with specific instructions on how to repackage the smartphone, which has been discontinued following a series of incidents which saw handsets smoke and explode while being used.

Samsung says users should place the phone into its shield bag, before nestling it tightly in a special replacement box, this then fits into a second inner box which in turn sits inside a so–called Recovery Box.

Because the latter is lined with ceramic fibre paper which can cause skin irritation, Samsung has issued special gloves as well.

The revelation will be seen as the final embarrassment for Samsung, which yesterday issued dire profit warnings as a result of its Galaxy Note 7 failure.

The Korean company had hoped to have its flagship phone back on sale this month, but replacement models were also found to be faulty. The company’s new Galaxy S8 is expected to launch next February, in the hope that consumers will have forgiven and forgotten 2016’s biggest tech story.

Source XDA

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