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Galaxy Note 7: Samsung opens exchange booths at airports

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7

Samsung has opened special exchange booths at airports across Asia and Australia, allowing Galaxy Note 7 owners to hand in their faulty phones before going through security.

Aviation authorities in the US, Japan and Korea have all banned the smartphone from flights, while airlines across the globe are currently refusing to allow the device on board.

Samsung says that Galaxy Note 7 owners will be able to swap their faulty smartphone for a different Samsung device, with a refund for any difference in price. Full refunds will also be available.

Airlines have barred the Galaxy Note 7 after a plane had to be evacuated in the US when one owner’s device began smouldering and blew up. The plane had not left the runway and no one was injured.

Reports last week suggested Samsung stood to lose as much as £2.5 billion over the next few months because of the fault with its flagship smartphone and its subsequent failed exchange programme.

Samsung has issued a string of apologies, but is likely to see significant damage to its smartphone brand as a result of the battery glitch.


The Guardian

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