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  5. iPhone’s secret one–hand keyboard discovered by developers

iPhone’s secret one–hand keyboard discovered by developers

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An eagle–eyed developer has discovered a special, hidden keyboard designed for one-handed use within Apple’s iOS software.

Ever since Apple boosted the size of its iPhones in response to consumer demand in 2014, it's been virtually impossible use them one-handed.

However, Steve Troughton Smith has found a special keyboard that brings old–school typing to Apple’s more capacious devices.

It appears the keyboard has been buried deep within iOS’s code for as long as two years, since the launch of the iPhone 6.

The design is smart, squashing up the keys closer to your left thumb and adding copy and paste keys on the right-hand side of the screen.

Users can then swipe across letters to insert words and use the predictive text function to finish their messages.

Sadly, the one–handed keyboard is inactive and can only be used if you jailbreak your iPhone, voiding your warranty in the process.

Of course, Android already offers a mode for one-handed keyboard usage.

But it would still be very handy if Apple could get around to officially launching its version for those who find it a pain to tap out text larger screens.


Apple Insider

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