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  5. Apple working on iPhone-connected smart glasses

Apple working on iPhone-connected smart glasses


Apple is working on a pair of smart glasses that can be paired with an iPhone, allowing users to view maps that are overlaid on the real world, as well as business details and contacts.

According to sources close to Apple, the tech giant has ordered a small number of components to test the viability of the augmented reality glasses.

The eyewear is unlikely to be released until 2018 at the very earliest, it's claimed.

Launching smart glasses would represent a risky move for Apple. Sales of the Apple Watch wearable have been disappointing, while major rival Google's Glass smart glasses Glass failed spectacularly.

Apple has refused to comment on the speculation. If it did launch a pair of smart glasses, they would likely be hampered by the same issues which have hit the Apple Watch. Namely, that you would need an iPhone in order for them to work.



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