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  5. iPhone 8: Apple may have to change plans for crisper, low-power screens

iPhone 8: Apple may have to change plans for crisper, low-power screens

iPhone 8 concept

Apple may have to change its plans for next year’s iPhone 8, after it was revealed that four potential manufacturing partners are struggling to meet the growing demand for crisper, higher resolution displays.

In recent weeks rumours suggested that Apple is planning to equip all models of the next–generation iPhones with OLED screens.

This is a type of display technology that packs in more pixels than standard LCD screens for sharper pictures and video.

OLED displays also don't require a backlight, so they're less likely to sap a phone's battery.

However don't get too excited about OLED technology appearing on the iPhone 8 just yet. Not after sources from Apple's supply chain claimed they simply don’t have the capacity to meet demand.

That means Apple may only release one version of its next-generation phone with an OLED screen. This tallies with previous reports suggesting Apple will release two iPhones using LCD tech and one with OLED.

Samsung is believed to be Apple’s sole OLED supplier for 2017, with Apple through to have ordered 100 million screens from its major rival.

However, sources say Samsung may not be able to meet such high demand and that Apple could be forced to switch to LCD screens.

Japan Display, LG Display and Sharp are the other major OLED suppliers for smartphone-makers.

They have all said that they are unlikely to be able to meet growing demand across the smartphone sector for OLED.

The iPhone 8 is set to launch towards the end of 2017, with an all-new glass design and improved camera.



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