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  5. Man suffers second-degree burns after Samsung Galaxy S7 explodes

Man suffers second-degree burns after Samsung Galaxy S7 explodes

Exploded Galaxy S7 phone

A Canadian man claims he’s lucky his injuries weren’t worse after his Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded in his hands, causing second-degree burns.

Amarjit Mann says he was driving when he felt his Galaxy S7 getting warm in his pocket. He pulled out the phone and it instantly exploded, causing second-degree burns to his hand and third-degree burns to his wrist.

The phone stuck to his hand, but Mann was able to throw it out of his car window before it caused any more damage.

“Imagine if the phone was (at my ear); my whole face would’ve burnt”, Mann told a local radio station.

“I should’ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks… It should have damaged my whole car.”

Without a phone to call for help, Mann managed to drive to a friend’s house. He was then taken to hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

This latest incident comes not long after Samsung had to recall all Galaxy Note 7 devices when a number of handsets caught fire due to exploding batteries.

The fault, which saw Samsung shares plummet, has so far only affected Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

Mann is already planning to join the long list of unhappy Samsung customers taking legal action against the phone giant.

He intends to sue for loss of earnings, as he won’t be able to work again until his hands have healed.



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