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Sky Mobile launching mid-December, with unlimited data rollover and flexible plans

Sky shows its hand.
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Sky Mobile customers will be able to roll over unlimited amounts of data and change their allowances every month, the broadband and TV giant has confirmed ahead of the official launch of the service later this month.

In a break from most providers’ rollover schemes, Sky’s mobile phone service, which existing Sky TV customers will be able to sign up for from mid-December, will allow customers to roll over unused data and stockpile it in a ‘piggybank’ for up to three years.

Want to know more? We've compiled a comprehensive Sky Mobile FAQ for just that eventuality.

They’re then able to redeem their trove of data whenever they like, with no upper limit on the amount they can save up.

Rival networks that offer a data rollover service currently only allow customers to roll over data from last month to the current month.

Sky Mobile phone using mix feature

For instance, customers on networks such as O2 and EE will typically see their allowance reset at the end of each month and only unused data from the preceding month will roll over. Any unused data from previous months is lost.

Much like EE’s Shared Plans, Sky Mobile allows families to sign up for up to five Sky Mobile SIMs and share their treasure chest of unused data between them.

Sky Mobile is also seeking to differentiate itself with what it’s touting as more flexible monthly plans than its competitors, and ushering in what claims is a “smart new way [for subscribers] to manage their mobile contract”.

Woman using Sky Mobile on the train

To this end, Sky Mobile customers will be able to change their plan every month, depending on how much data they think they’ll need that particular month. They can also add unlimited data, texts and minutes with an add-on for £10 per month.

Sky’s entry-level plan is £10 per month for 1GB of data. Heavier users can choose from a 3GB per month plan priced £15 per month. Or pay £20 per month for 5GB of data. All contracts run for 12 months.

The plans only include data, and don’t offer texts and calls. Texts are charged at 10p per message and calls are priced 10p per minute, if you’re not a Sky TV customer.

That sounds rather on the expensive side, but it’s worth noting that you are only paying for what you use. Alternatively, you can opt to pay £10 per month for unlimited texts and calls.

However, if you are subscribed to a Sky TV package you’ll get unlimited texts and calls for free.

Sky Mobile’s other main ‘sell’ for TV customers is a new feature dubbed ‘Sync’.

This allows those subscribed to a Sky+ package to create a playlist of shows they like and stream them over 4G on their phone. Or easily transfer recordings from their set top box to their phone over WiFi and watch them while they’re out and about.

Until now, the Sky Go app restricted them to streaming content.

To enable customers to download recordings to their phone while they’re away from home and not expend their data allowance, they can use Sky’s network of 20,000+ WiFi hotspots in ‘thousands of popular places across the UK”.

Sky+ customers who sign up for Sky Mobile will also get the Sky Go Extra app for free, which will allow them to use Sync on up to four devices. Sky Go Extra is normally priced £5 per month.

Sync is due to come to Sky Q customers next year.

At launch, Sky Mobile will be available solely to existing Sky TV customers and those who have pre-registered and its offering will be restricted to SIM-only contracts. But pay monthly handset deals are due to be made available later in 2017.

The first smartphone models to go on sale will be flagship Samsung handsets and iPhones, with “other manufacturers to be announced closer to the time”.

New Sky customers will be able to sign up for Sky Mobile in the New Year.

Want to know more? We've compiled a comprehensive Sky Mobile FAQ for just that eventuality.

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