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Apple Watch software update pulled after devices bricked

Latest watchOS caused Series 2 models to become unresponsive.
Apple Watch 2 Hero

Apple has been forced to pull a software update for its smartwatch, after it led to a number of models being ‘bricked’.

watchOS 3.1.1 is no longer available to download, with Apple Watch owners advised not to bump their software for fear it will render their smartwatch unusable.

Owners of the newer Apple Watch Series 2 say they found an exclamation mark on the watch’s screen, with instructions to visit Apple’s website. For its part, Apple says users should attempt a forced restart by holding down the digital crown and side button.

If this fails, then owners should take their watch to an Apple store to be sent away for servicing. Some users say they’ve even had to swap their device for a new one, as the issue can only be fixed by engineers who don’t work in Apple stores.

The problem comes as Apple struggles to deal with software issues on its iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Owners of the latter say they have been unable to make calls, with the phone app freezing when opened.

Source Apple Insider

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