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  5. LG working on foldable screens for Apple and Google

LG working on foldable screens for Apple and Google

Samsung Project Valley concept

LG is working on foldable smartphone screens, with plans to supply them to some of tech’s major players, including Apple and Google.

Sources in Korea say that LG will start mass-producing the displays in 2018. These will be capable of being bent back and forth, unlike the rigid curved display of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge.

If it succeeds, LG will be in direct competition with its major rival Samsung. The latter is said to be working on two folding smartphones, with plans to launch in 2017.

One is said to be an eight–inch tablet which can be folded into a standard smartphone, the other a smaller device that looks like an old–style clamshell phone.

LG’s decision to sell its tech to Apple and Google could have major implications for the future of smartphones, allowing the major U.S. names to sell folding smartphones without having to develop the tech in–house.

Source ET News

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