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Super Mario Run for iPhone available in Apple stores


Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s biggest release for Apple’s iPhone to date, isn’t due to hit iPhones and iPads until December 15th.

But eager gamers can give the new title a once-over now by heading down to their local Apple store.

Apple has revealed that a demo version will be available to trial on iOS devices in stores across the globe, with high levels of anticipation among those who never thought Mario would be playable on non–Nintendo equipment.

On release, a basic version of Super Mario Run will be available for free, with iPhone owners able to pay for full access to all levels by stumping up £9.99. This means there’s no need to hand over small amounts for in–app purchases.

Super Mario Run can be controlled one handed, with taps and flicks to make the world’s most famous plumber jump, flip and take on enemies.

Nintendo has already enjoyed the biggest App Store smash this year with Pokemon Go. However, it’s likely that Super Mario Run will eclipse even that title’s success on launch.

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