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  5. Google Maps for iPhone gets popular times function

Google Maps for iPhone gets popular times function

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Google’s latest update to its iPhone Maps app includes one of the web version’s coolest features: real-time popularity tracking.

iPhone users with Google’s mapping tool will be able to see a graph showing just how busy a restaurant, bar or shop is right now, using real time data.

This is in addition to being able to see average popularity by utilising historic data, a tool which has been available for over a year.

Google has also added the ability to paste in addresses that have been previously pasted to your clipboard, meaning you don’t have to tap out a long street number and name every time you need to get from A to B.

These latest changes come just weeks after Google revealed plans to allow users to hail and pay for Uber rides from within its mapping app.

The update to Google Maps for iOS is available to download now.

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