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  5. Google Maps update offers direct Uber booking

Google Maps update offers direct Uber booking


Google has unveiled a major update to its Maps app for iOS and Android, allowing users to book and pay for rides using Uber without having to switch between apps.

Google Maps has long displayed ride options and estimated prices. But until now users have had to scroll through a list of options, without being able to see how close cars are, switching to their taxi app of choice in order to complete a booking.

The updated app offers a carousel with ride options from both Uber and Lyft, including UberX Lyfe Line and Pool, with the ability to see where the nearest driver is.

However, it’s Google’s tie–in with Uber that really takes things to the next level. When you tap on the Uber option you want, you’ll be prompted to book, before seeing the details of your driver and their car.

What’s more, you don’t even need to have the Uber app on your phone for the service to work.

When you first use Uber within Google Maps, you’ll be prompted to enter your login details and then won’t be asked again.

The app update is available to download now.



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