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iOS 10 adoption soars over Christmas

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iOS 10 is now installed on over three quarters of compatible iPhones and iPads, Apple has announced.

The California-based company claims that a massive 76% of its shiny gadgets are using the latest version of the iOS operating system, which was first released in September 2016.

Apple also stated that 18% still have iOS 9, while 6% are using older versions of the mobile platform.

It appears that the large number of iPhones and iPads handed out as Christmas presents has prompted the boost in take-up for iOS 10.

At the end of November, Apple said 63% of devices had this version of the software on board.

Apple released its latest version of iOS, iOS 10.2, just before the holiday season, with a string of new emoji and tweaks to the Live Photos function found on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

It’s due to release iOS 10.3, with a new cinema–friendly ‘theatre mode’, late this month.

iOS 11, the next major update, is not set to land on devices until Apple launches the much–anticipated iPhone 8 in autumn.



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