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Huawei P10 and P10 Plus: Five things you need to know

Huawei p10 hero

Huawei might not be the best-known smartphone maker on these shores, but it’s massive in its native China. It’s made a name for itself by producing high-end handsets at knockdown prices. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it announced its two latest: the P10 and P10 Plus.

They combine natty new colours and pro-level camera tech with an ultra-hardwearing new finish that should make them scratch-resistant.

Here’s everything you need to know before you spend.

1 They have more Leica camera tech

Huawei p10 camera

Huawei has continued its partnership with camera-maker Leica, which first bore fruit on last year’s P9. But for this year’s models, Huawei has added even more Leica lenses.

The P10 and P10 Plus feature front-facing Leica cameras, as well as their rear dual-lens Leica snappers.

That means your selfies should have much more detail and even more accurate colours than before.

It should also mean Skype calls from your mobile will show up every blemish. So best not do them first thing in the morning.

Huawei has added in a larger aperture too, making for better low-light performance and more accurate skin tones.

There’s also a mode called Adaptive Selfie. This adjusts the angle to fit more people into the frame, for those ‘wahey!’ group shots.

2 New finish

Huawei P10 build and colours

Huawei says both phones feature a new finish called Hyper Diamond-Cut.

According to Richard Yu, Huawei’s CEO, this won’t be marred by fingerprints or scratches. He says it also won’t slip out of your hand.

It’s apparently done using micro-diamond cutting on the surface of the metal. We’re waiting for more details, and of course will give it a through testing come review time.

3 New colours and styles

Huawei P10 green and blue

Huawei has put a lot of thought into the look of its new phones. It’s teamed up with the Pantone Colour Institute to launch two new colours: Pantone Greenery and Dazzling Blue.

Pantone Greenery is the official Pantone Colour of the Year 2017. In Huawei’s own words, it “delivers a clean and stylish sandblast finish,” while Dazzling Blue “is brought to life through a stunning glow effect”.

The P10 and P10 Plus also come in ceramic white, dazzling gold, prestige gold, graphite black, rose gold and mystic silver.

To complement these are a range of cases designed by fashion designers.

4 Bigger battery

Huawei P10

The P10 Plus boasts a 3,750mAh battery, which is way bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus’ 2,900mAh.

Of course, battery life depends on many more factors than just the battery capacity. But hopefully the big battery should translate to the two days of use that Huawei claims.

The P10 has a slightly smaller battery, though Huawei claims it should last for 1.8 days of use before giving up the ghost.

Again, we’ll put both through their paces when we get them in for review.

5 2K screen

The P10 sports a 2K screen, giving it a resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels. That puts it up there with the highest phone screen resolutions around, and should make images look super sharp.

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