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iPhone 8 wireless charging: Apple teams up with major chip maker

iPhone 8 Handy Abovergleich

Apple is working on a wireless charging system for its future iPhones with Broadcom, a major chipset manufacturer.

The latest insight into Apple’s plans come from JP Morgan analyst Harlan Sur, who says that Apple and Broadcom have been working together for over two years.

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Sur does not say what form iPhone wireless charging will take, although he does note that long–rumoured plans to build the iPhone 8 from reinforced glass will make it easier to charge the device wirelessly.

Previous reports have suggested that Apple could use specially designed wireless charging units, which could be placed around the home or office, allowing any new iPhone to charge up while in the vicinity.

That system was apparently being made with wireless start–up Energuous, although that partnership now appears to have run its course.

Sur also suggests that the wireless charging tech being worked on by Apple and Broadcom may not make this year’s iPhone 8, owing to concerns about the exploding battery problems surrounding last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Last week Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium, fuelling rumours of a future iPhone with wireless charging smarts.



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