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  5. LG G6 officially unveiled with neat multi-tasking and dual lens camera

LG G6 officially unveiled with neat multi-tasking and dual lens camera

LG G6 smaller bigger better

LG introduced us to the G6 at its special event at Mobile World Congress earlier today. And, with new split-screen tech, a dual-lens camera and an Google Assistant, it’s got a lot to recommend it.

Interestingly, LG has chosen to move away from the modular design of the G5. But that doesn’t mean that the G6 hasn’t got some innovative features that help it stand out from the crowd.

LG G6 colours

The G6 comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD+ screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio, meaning that the display is exactly twice as tall as it is long. While this makes it a bit taller than a typical 16:9 smartphone screen, it opens up lots of possibilities for some innovative dual-screen features.

At the G6 launch, we were shown how the display can be split into two completely square segments. The upshot is you can continue to watch a video in one window, while still replying to an email in the other. Or purchase something online without exiting your Facebook feed.

That alone makes it a much neater approach to multi-tasking than lots of previous attempts we’ve seen. But it really comes into its own when you’re taking photos.

LG G6 camera

By selecting Square Mode, you can take a photo in the upper half of the screen, while the lower half displays the last photo you took. So, you can reference your previous pic while taking a new snap, which ought to help you take better photos.

Instagrammers will appreciate the 13-megapixel dual-lens camera that comes with a Food Mode. Aimed at gourmands, this serves up photos with great colour reproduction and saturation to make your dinner look even tastier. The wide-angle lens will also help users fit even more into their photos.

Despite the large display, however, LG says that the phone is actually compact enough to fit comfortably in one hand, thereby tackling the conflicting demands of consumers who want a small phone with a big screen.

LG G6 specs

Other new features include the ability to make collage of photos taken from the phone and set it up as your lock screen wallpaper, and an updated calendar app that takes advantage of the 18:9 display. It's also dust and waterproof and comes with Google Assistant.

The LG G6 will be available in platimun, white and black.

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