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LG G6 teaser video shows off user interface

There's just over a week until the LG G6 is officially unveiled, and now a new teaser video gives us a glimpse of what to expect.

The video focuses on the user interface, which will most likely be Android Nougat with some LG features thrown in for good measure.

The clip is quite an assault on the senses. If it's anything to go by, the G6 will be a very colourful, lively handset, a world away from the austere monolith that is the iPhone 7.

LG has also broken out some hashtags that hint at what we can expect.

The hashtag #Fullvision has previously been used to refer to the G6's 5.7-inch QuadHD+ display. #Squares suggests we'll see a tile-based layout at some points in the interface, which could resemble Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

Those tiles could also play into the G6's highly unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. We'll have to wait and see what this does to improve the user experience.

The G6 launches a week on Sunday, the day before Mobile World Congress starts in Barcelona. It's expected to boast a nearly bezel-free screen, meaning the display takes up practically the whole front of the phone.

A new heat management system is expected to draw heat away from the most important internal components to prevent overheating. It's thought LG has moved away from the modular approach it took with last year's G5, in which consumers could buy extra modules and swap them in as and when.

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