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Nokia 3310 comeback steals show at MWC

Nokia 3310 side by side comparison mwc

Nokia’s fresh take on the 3310 was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC), combining the robust build quality and indefatigable battery of the original with a tweaked design and a smattering of new features to bring it up to date.

Riding a wave of nostalgia for simpler times and pared-down handsets, the 3310 retains the so-called ‘candybar’ design of the 2001 version of Nokia’s 126m-selling feature phone and makes room for a remixed version of Snake.

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But in a major break from the past, there’s a colour screen that replaces the old, rudimentary monochrome display. And for the first time it’s equipped with a basic two-megapixel camera. An essential in the social-media age, I’m told.

Nokia 3310 side by side comparison mwc 2

You’ll able to get online too, using the simple Opera browser on board, but you’ll only get 2.5G connectivity and won’t be able to connect over Wi-Fi. So don’t expect the speedy mobile internet experience to which you’ve become accustomed.

On the plus side, according to Nokia, the 3310 outdoes the original in the battery-life stakes, with 22 hours of talk time. That’s 10 times more than the first model.

Put it in standby mode and Nokia claims you’ll get a whole month out of it. The original could muster a comparatively puny 11 days. Which is still 10 days more than most modern, all-singing, all-dancing smartphones.

Priced at £41 and due to go on sale between April and June, the phone is powered by an updated version of Nokia’s time-honoured Series 30 operating system and comes in a choice of red, yellow, grey and the classic navy blue.

We took a turn on the 3310 at MWC and it feels every bit as hard-wearing as we remember.

But we’ll only know for sure when we can subject it to some sustained toughness tests. So look out for our review soon.

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