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Samsung to demo foldable smartphones later this month


Foldable phones have been predicted for years, but now they could be about to become reality.

According to a report in the South Korean press, Samsung Electronics and spinoff firm Samsung Display will demo a folding smartphone prototype that opens like a book at Mobile World Congress later this month.

However, it won't be on show to every attendee. Rather, it will be in a private room for invitees only.

Seeing as Samsung is hoping to drum up demand, we're guessing these invitees with be mostly industry people, and not the likes of us journalists. More's the pity.

So what can us scribes and the general public expect to see at the show? We don't know for sure, but the smart money is on a new tablet, either the Galaxy Tab S3 or the Galaxy TabPro S2.

Sadly, the Galaxy S8 smartphone won't make an appearance. Instead, it will launch after the show, in March or April.

LG has all but revealed its new phone, the G6.

It features an edge-to-edge screen that has an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. It will launch on 26th February, the day before Mobile World Congress officially opens.



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