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  5. Gmail for Android now allows money transfers

Gmail for Android now allows money transfers


Android phone-owners can now send and receive cash via the Gmail for Android app, with the news that Google has brought one of the email client’s handiest web–based features to mobile.

The money-transfer tool allows users with a Google Wallet account to open an email, select a recipient, then choose to ‘send money’ via the attachments icon.

Users are then prompted to key in an amount and press 'send' to complete the transaction.

The app also allows Android users to submit money requests and has the ability to automatically disperse funds into bank accounts.

The latter feature needs to be set up by entering debit card details on first use.

Money transfers via Gmail for Android could certainly cut down on the use of clunky banking apps and other payment transfer tools.

Sadly, for the moment it is confined to US users only. There's no word from Google about when the feature will come to the UK.

However with payments via the Gmail web service available in this country, it shouldn’t be too long until Brits can send cash to each other via email.



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