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  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ appear in newly leaked image

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ appear in newly leaked image


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ are not due to get their official launch until 29th March. But as the date approaches, we're getting a very clear idea of what they'll look like, thanks to a string of leaked images.

The latest is believed to come from a company that makes screen protectors, and shows the Galaxy S8 and S8+ side–by–side.

Each model appears to be jet black, a colour which has been in vogue with smartphone-makers since Apple introduced an iPhone 7 in that colour last year.

The image gives us a clear look at the screen that, for the first time in a Galaxy S phone, does not feature a physical home button. Instead Samsung has opted for virtual on-screen buttons.

The move allows Samsung to maximise the size of the S8's display without making the handset itself any larger.

As expected, both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will come with curved displays, with Samsung appearing to drop flat screens from its flagship line altogether.

Other recent images have included official renders of the Galaxy S8.

The sheer volume of S8 leaks in recent weeks means that come the launch date, Samsung will probably have little to share that has not already been dug up by tech sleuths.

Samsung chose not to reveal the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at Mobile World Congress last month, leaving the showfloor to rivals such as LG and Motorola.

The phone-maker is thought to have delayed the S8 to allow it to ensure the new phones do not suffer from the same exploding battery issue that led to the Galaxy Note 7 being discontinued.

Want more Galaxy S8 news? We've collated all the rumours in our round-up.



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