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  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 set to use facial recognition for mobile payments

Samsung Galaxy S8 set to use facial recognition for mobile payments


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will allow users to make secure payments with their handset via facial recognition as well as a fingerprint scan, giving it the edge on rival smartphones.

‘People familiar with the matter’ told Bloomberg that Samsung is already in talks with banks to help them incorporate facial recognition in their apps and services.

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The insiders cited in the finance site's report said that an updated version of Samsung Pay will recognise users through a combined authorisation of facial, iris and fingerprint scanning.

However, the service will not be available at launch. Instead Samsung is looking to bring it to market ‘within months’ of the Galaxy S8’s release.

The latest Galaxy S phone is due to be revealed at a special event in New York on 29th March.

Rumours about Samsung’s plans for bringing facial recognition technology to the Galaxy S8 have become more concrete in recent weeks.

Not least when a company executive praised the speediness of facial recognition tech compared with iris scanning.

Earlier this week, an anonymous Samsung staffer further fuelled speculation after describing fingerprint recognition tech as ‘obsolete’.

Facial and iris scanning is regarded as being more secure and harder to hack than fingerprint tech.



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